Mine bitcoin using any internet enabled device by clicking 'Start' below. If you do not see a 'Start' button, your browser or software is blocking the miner.

Earn bitcoins as a publisher by adding the code in the box to your website. Put the code just above the </head> tag on your website.

Download our desktop mining program for CPU and GPU mining. You will earn more than Web Mining. It is optimized for maximum earnings!

Q: Why does the payout rate per 1M hashes change?

A: The amount you earn changes constantly based on a few factors, mainly the price of bitcoin.

Q: I am not seeing a 'Start' button for Web Mining, what am I doing wrong?

A: Your browser or software is blocking the miner. You must unblock or whitelist our website.

Q: Are there options for the Monetize Website miner?

A: Yes, you change how hard the miner works by increasing or decreasing the 'throttle'. Ex: throttle: 0.7 is 30% power while throttle: 0.1 is 90% power.

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Minimum withdrawal: 20 sat

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